QUESTION:Why is the difference between the durations of day and night hardly felt at Kanniyakumari but not so in Kashmir ??
ANSWER:The difference in the durations of day and night at Kanyakumari and Kashmir are respectively due to their latitudianl locations. Kanyakumari is located closer to the equator and experiences a maximum difference between day and night of 45 minutes. However, Kashmir lies further away from the equator and experiences a significant gap between the duration of day and night that can extend to as much as 3 and 1/2 hours.
What does the QUESTION and ANSWER mean??




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The meaning of the question: You must have heard of the shortest/longest days of the year on the solstices. Well, basically the question means that in Kanyakumari, the maximum difference of time in the length of day and night is around 45 minutes i.e. if day is 11 hrs 55 min, night is 12 hrs 5 min (only 10 minutes difference). But in Kashmir its not like that. The night can be as short as 10.5 hrs and day 13.5 (around 3 hrs difference).
The meaning of the answer: This is because of the latitudes of the two places. As the Earth's axis is tilted, sunlight reaches different parts of the Earth differently. Kanyakumari lies near the equator, so it receives sunlight equally throughout the year. It is not so in Kashmir as it lies away from  the equator.

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Thanks. I did my best. I had doubts about this too, in v
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Sorry, Lily, but I don't know how to explain it better. Try asking a teacher or a friend. Hope you get a clearer answer.
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The change is because as the earth is spherical therefore rays of sun falls on it slanting the places which are away from the equator and place near to equator face more sunlight
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