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I had been to the city where my grand parents live during the summer. Coming from a small town, I was impressed by the large urban environment. I learnt about the life in the city, apartment culture, townships etc. The various transport systems especially the metro were good.

I also saw the way people celebrate various festivals. It is done on a grand scale. I had learnt how people lead a busy life in the cities and live among a big population. The people there were always minding their own business and did not care much for what others were doing.

I utilized this vacation to  learn technically also. I joined short term courses, free and paid, for learning painting, improvement of hand-writing and spoken English skills. I participated in the children's competitions for story writing too. I made friends with nearby boys and girls and we participated in a small drama act during the celebrations of the colony.

I have learnt a lot of things while I enjoyed participating in each of those activities. I am now looking forward to the next winter vacation during Christmas and Sankranthi to visit the city and meet my friends over there.

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