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See diagram.

Sunlight falls on the Earth too.  During the day we see Sunlight because we face the Sun. The location we are at, is facing the Sun. During the night we face the other side (dark side of Earth). This is so because of Earth's rotation around itself.  During the day India see Sun. During our night America sees the Sun.

During our night we see Moon due to the reflection of light from the Sun by the Moon. The sunlight on Earth is seen from the moon.

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it is wron g inthe diagram
no, the diagram is absolutely right.
Though the sun is far from our earth its light still hits our planet's atmosphere its rays reaches us because they're faster than electrons and are called photons. Our planet rotates, so when its night in India Its day in the US and sun rays reach the moon, It is also because our side at night faces opposite to USA (even in day).
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it was earth's photo from neptune!
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