Plans if implemented can help our society are as follows:
1)We should take care that no trees are cut from our locality
2)security should be made strong
3)poaching should be banned
4)water should be conserved 
5)Surrroundings should be kept clean n hygiene and also can implement the plans cleaning in the villagegeneral awareness of educationvarious medical checkupsplanting treesbuilding schools , parks and other building

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In villages the most important thing to be done is to build a school. Because in villages almost half of the people are ignorant due to education.
The next thing is hospitals because almost everyday 10-12 villagers die due to incurable diseases.
The next thing is making good use of land where we can do mixed farming where we can grow both plants and animals which are greatly beneficial.
The next thing is to make the production of electricity in village areas where people have to live for a day or two under a kerosene lamp.