Education is the main important thing to come up in the society.many great people are often with great education.although education gives many advantages like good name in society,good job,good salary,good friends,etc..but it also has some adverse effects.these effects come from special and modern classes of is changing ones culture from generation to is the one which is changing the traditional customs of is replacing joint families with small families which is in turn effecting human relations .eduaction is also changing ones character.people of great education are often degrading themselves to live in the society.many educated people are shun to do physical labour work.likewise education is effecting adversely on the generation of people.
Education is a very important part of our life.Every parents wants his or her child to study.It helps u to make a good career of yours.It also helps in making the society more advanced.We can earn money by doing jobs to survive on this world.But there also adverse effects of education like pressure on child which does not allows us to go to a trip or enjoy ourselves.The parents have work hard to look after the child.They have to bring all the necessary materials which r need for education like books.There r many children fall sick because of studying in pressure