Plz answer any three of this qustions fst plz
1.what is deforestation?
2.does the deforestation happen only in forest areas?how about in local area,even if there are no forests? does deforstation afects the global warming ?
4.what r some othe ways in which human human actions contributes to global warming?



1.Removing or cutting of tree is called deforestation.
2.Because some greedy persons cut wood in forest areas.
3.When there is no trees , there will be increase in carbon dioxide which is harmful for atmosphere and causes global warming.
4.Pollution , don't throwing dust and garbage in the dustbins
1. Deforestation is the cutting down of trees on a large scale.

2. No. deforestation is not limited to forests only. when we cut down the trees in our locality, that can also b considered as deforestation. 

3. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and add more oxygen to the environment. When trees are cut the carbon dioxide levels increase in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas . So it increase global warming.

4. Main source is deforestation. but others:
  -Burning fossil fuels
  -Industrial activities
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