In my opinion its pebbled uneven road it reflects the light partially. Mirror smooth road reflects the light according to the principle rough surface absorbs and smooth surface reflects the light falling on it

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At night a pebbled uneven road is easier to see and drive. The various uneven objects on the road reflect rays of the card headlights back to the eyes of the driver. When the road is smooth, then the light from the car headlights is reflected by the road and the rays deviate away from the card. So the driver cannot see the read clearly. 

On a rainy night the light from other vehicles falls on the road and is totally internal reflected from the water layer on the road. So our eyes see very bright light and so temporarily close.
When there are no other vehicles, the light falling on the road does not return to the eyes of the driver.
the driver sees only diffracted or scattered light from a lot of particles.