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The name Bhimbetka was related to the name of Bhim , the great who is one of the five son of Pandavas in the Mahabharata(it is the hindu epics). There are also some rock paintings(hunting, eating etc)are found in the Bhimbetka rock shelter which are 30 thousand years old that is recognised by the artists. It gives the clue that people lives in there.
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Bhimbetka rock shelters are located around 60 km from Bhopal midst of thick forests. These are dated to be 1 lakh years old. One of the earliest living places of human beings in India. There are rock paintings which are 30,000 years old. 

In Hindu mythology, Mahabharata had taken place in just before kaliyuga started. It is quite possible that Bheema (Bhim), along with his brothers and wife had stayed in this forest in vindhya mountains during the agyatvas of 1 year. The had to hide for one year. The name Bhim betka has its origin from Bhim baithka or bhim vatika (garden). It is possible that Bhim used to go there for relaxation or meeting others.

The evidence of culture of the people who lived there is depicted on the rocks in the rock paintings.

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