Ram=hello i am ram and what is your name
Sam=my name is sam. Nice to meet you. You are looking sad. Is anything giving you a pain.
Ram=Ya i love nature but nowadays nature is getting polluted.
Sam= The only reason is human.
Ram = I know it . How humans are responsible for this. They cleared up forests for the sake of profits .It cause deforestation and Global warming.They waste water and factories disposed chemicals and waste materials into the water resources which makes the aquatic life difficult. And their is broken balance in nature. They don't uses good fuels in their vehicles and even in the bus which we are sitting not using good fuel. and pollute the air.
Sam = Yes you are totally right, we understand the importance of nature in our life but we carry on killing yourself.
Ram = I think if government not take any action their will be no world as water get finished and the air get polluted and land get destroy.
Sam =Ya you are saying right. I am with you.
Ram= Thank you my friend for understanding my feelings.