Human relations were better before mobile phones were used ...because then people had to keep in touch with their families by regular interaction. If they did not keep in touch even for somedays the family would be miserable. Now people stay 1000s of miles away from their family only contacting with their mobiles. Its a necessity but still it can't replace a relationship...........
Even Before the accessibility of mobile phone people use to communicate there loved once in distance in different means .Before the age of electronic they use pigeon, horse messenger, business traveler & morden postal service for delivering the hard copy(paper letters) to the rightful owner. Then came the science age where telegram,telephone made us to here the message instantly but also there voice. Now in age of portability we can not only speak and herar ther voice but also can see them. If you notice that; through mankind evaluation with knowledge we trying to close the time difference between the long distance but failed to give the meaning of true presence .From this you can easily can understand that before the mobile phone people can't abel to communicate instantly but they usually meal together face to face and they chit chat, laughing, swap stories, catching up the news. now with mobile phone we do the same but not face to face in real physical means .thus before mobile phone we had a strong physical love where we can see them, hug them, touch them .now with mobile we onely can feel them nor hug them or touch them and we become more lazy that not even wishing our near by neighbors by visiting them instead we text them or call them . so, "before mobile people had true love with all means; now we just have love with no means".