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1.Truth is important in our life. 2.because truth has the power to kill the lie. 3. respecting parents and elders is also important in our life... Thank you.... Please note it best....
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There are many important things in our life.The importance given to different things varies according to the person's attitude.Important things in life which really needs mention are as follows:
1.Honesty: Honesty plays a very important role in one's life.An honest life is   always the most appreciable one.
2.Contentment: A content person is the most happiest! One should feel blessed  and content with whatever one posses in one's life.
3.Gratitude: Gratitude and thanksgiving nature is always a good virtue to  possess.
4.Clever : Be clever enough..but do not act too smart..Cleverness is  very important for us to thrive in this present world.
5.Kindheartedness: Always be a person with kind, caring, understanding and a   forgiving heart.This is a very good and great virtue to posses!
Above all you yourself are very important in your life...So, always take good care of your health! :)
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