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Let the man purchase 6k oranges.
==> CP of 6k oranges = Cost of one orange x No. of oranges bought
                                 = (5/2)x6k = Rs.15k

SP of 6k oranges = SP of one orange x no. of oranges sold
                          = (8/3) x 6k = 16k.

Therefore Profit = SP - CP = 16k -15k = 1k = Rs.20 (given)
                                                        ==> k = 20.
Hence man purchased oranges = 6k = 6x20 = 120
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tanq :)
1 doubt mam... hw did u take the value 6k ?
I shall explain. In fact, any letter can be assumed. But to facilitate in calculation, 6k has been taken. Why 6? This has been taken from the fact that cost price and selling price per orange are (5/2) and (8/3) which have factors 2 and 3 in the denominator. To cancel out 2 and 3 from calculation to avoid dealing with fractions, LCM of 2 and 3,i.e.,6 has been taken . You may take just k and proceed with calculation. You will get the same answer although with calculations involving fractions.
okay ma'am ... tanq and so kind of u ... :) :)
I like it very much that you had your doubts cleared