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Helen's association with Dr. Alexander Graham Bell was at the age of 6 in Washington in the year 1886. It was on the advice of Dr Bell that Helen's parents sent her to speech classes at the Horace Mann School of the Deaf in Boston which proved to be the foundation of her education and life. Infact, Helen has dedicated her autobiography The Story Of My Life to Dr Bell, an inventor and a teacher of the deaf. Helen was greatly fascinated was the sympathetic and tender nature of Dr Bell & visited him at his home & laboratory. It was on his suggestion that Helen's father wrote to Mr Anagnos & subsequently found Miss Sullivan as a teacher. Dr Bell accompanied Miss Sullivan & Helen on their visit to the worlds fair in 1893. Dr Bell who is wonderful and patient teacher could instill enthusiasm in his students with his delightful explanations. Helen notes that Dr Bell was a humorous person and a poet with unlimited love for children, especially for the deaf.
Dear Mr. Bell.I am glad to write you a letter. Father will send you picture. I and Father and aunt did go to see you in Washington. I did play with your watch. I do love you. I saw doctor in Washington. He looked at my eyes. I can read stories in my book. I can write and spell and count. good girl. My sister can walk and run. We do have fun with Jumbo. Prince is not good dog. He can not get birds. Rat did kill baby pigeons. I am sorry. Rat does not know wrong. I and mother and teacher will go to Boston in June. I will see little blind girls. Nancy will go with me. She is a good doll. Father will buy me lovely new watch. Cousin Anna gave me a pretty doll. Her name is Allie.Good-by,