some riddles-

1. what goes up but never comes down?

answer- life.

2. what is that we can't see but it can fill our hearts?

answer- darkness

3. it is very white and can be seen only in a year?


good very good but if u will add some more it will be very very good. plz add some more riddles and easy ones. The second one is not easy. :) :) :)
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To write a riddle... Think of a answer and then try to make up a riddle regarding it. Eg. I want my answer to be Pondicherry. So I can make the riddle... What is the cherry which is never eaten? To write poem... You can write side poems... Those in which the topic you want to write is written vertically and you write a describing sentence starting with each letter. To write a story... First decide on the topic you want to write on, then make a base which can be... Once upon a time, one fine day or once. Then make the story full of twists and turns. That will keep the reader interested. To write a joke... A joke is the most hardest of all. You can choose a topic and then make something surrounding it. How to make a joke is a very common question, but there is no answer to it.
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