"Sports and Games"

Introduction-Games and sports are an important factor in our education. The aim of education is physical , mental and moral development of a student. 
A sound body contains a sound mind and if body is weak than mind can never be strong.

1.They improve our health- The value of good health is well expressed in proverb- " A sound mind in a sound body".
2. Provides good training and discipline - One who learns to obey also learns to command.
3.Develops a spirit of comradeship - Students play as a whole for team not for themselves.

1.Games and sports often turns towards regular profession or trade .
2. Lead to party feeling and rivalry.
3.Often harmful to studies - It often happens that many promising students sacrifice their careers by giving too much time to sports and games.
4.Harmful to health of weak boys.

The biggest advantage which should be inculcated in our life and is present in sports and games has the quality of team work.
If you understand this than nothing can stop you from achieving anything in your life.

Overall Games and Sports will teach you many things but it is you who will decide what will you inculcate in your life.
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Questions are --------------
1. Why games and sports important in our life?
2. Differentiate between sports and games?
3. Can any age group of persons can play it to enhance their health . Give answer in brief.

Games and Sports:

Human life is a series of problems and tensions. People are surrounded by a variety of concerns. Games and Sports make us free from these troubles, tensions and concerns. Games and Sports and necessary part of life who believe in life are able to face the problems.

Playing Games and Sports are healthy for us. These are helpful in proper operation of the various organs of the body. Sports bring the freshness in our body and mind. We feel energetic by playing sports. They make the good shape of our muscles. They change the laziness of our body into freshness. They give us something probably which anything cannot give.

In schools and in other higher institutions games are also considered as essential part as education. There are different kinds of sport competitions are held in schools. Schools have annual sporting events. In school, one period is daily given for games. A teacher teaches how to play different games to students.

There is a good bond between childhood of students and games. Students learn new things from games. Sports develop courage and self-confidence. They become agile and swift. Victory fills them with new enthusiasm and motivation.

All know the importance of games in the world. So, now Olympics held in different countries. These Olympic Games are the biggest competition which held every fourth year. Every fourth year, the Asian Games are the biggest event of the continent of Asia. People seem to take more interest in sports.

In India, cricket, hockey, football, polo, chess, table tennis, lawn tennis, badminton, etc…are played. Cricket is most popular among them. Cricket attracts the peoples of youth generation. People are happy to see the live broadcast of cricket and other sports. Everyone wants to see their country's team wins. Such games are very helpful in increasing the sense of national unity. When a player does well in sports increases the pride of the country.

Games increased the physical and mental ability. Fresh air enters into our lungs. Nowadays a lot of good players received honors. They get proper respect in society. Games and sports are getting valuable for all peoples. Government and sports organizations are trying to promote sports. Today’s children help in the construction of country.