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When I opened the door....... of future ........ I went into the future where I sawed myself and the world that time I was studing 12th whereas now I am studing in the 9th.... I called myself in the fuyure and me in the future was astonished by seeing. He called mr by mg name.... and I also was staring ut him...... he asked me how did you came here????.... I answered that I came from future to meet you that how you are looking beautiful in the future and about his studies . He answered the question what I asked...... he said me what will h appen in the future. ... Suddenly my mother sawed in the place where we were talking with each other... then I suddenly went into my place........ Thank you... Please note it best...
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I opened the door of the time machine  and I have sawn a jungle at the time of 2015 and I have touched the rabbits and other small animals like birds like pigeons parrots etc