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ADVENTURE. .. Adventure is a place where we can show our talents and abilities. My adventure was on the mountain approximately( 1000m). In length . There were totally five camp in the mountains. I started my adventure with me and my frnds.the first camp was located on the way at least 100m. It was an enjoyable experience. Second camp was too easy . Because I was having the will power . Th third camp was located where there was forest and contains many animals . I was having confidence. And I completed the first three camp which was located 700 m high... the 4 th and the 5th was very hard which was completed by me that is only due to hard working and will power. I was happy reaching my goal. My frnds were proud of me. From the above story I come to conclude that adventure is not only fun but there should be confidence , will power and interest. Thank you. . Please mark it best
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