He was a a man who always boasted.
he kept on praising his knowledge. nobody liked him. he always gave leactures to people. and that is why all the other soldiers din't wanted to be with them. he was punished. and as a punishment he was assigned cook house duty and in this also he felt very proud that the sargeant think that he is so responsible and felt proud . when he went for his cook house duties he started giving leacture to the cook about peeling potatoes. after a thirty mile walk also he was in a mood to sing a song. he always showed others that he is very smart intelligent and strong person. but everyone thought that he was so boastful and at last because of his over smartness he had to suffer.
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The man who knows too much is a book written by G. K Chesterton.

its about a self proud man who think he knows everything. Small knowledge is the place of denger, its the rule of the story. No one actually like him for his short knowledge lectures and speeches. So one day he was punished for his over-proudness and placed as a house cook duty. And he did it again, he started to spread his good for nothing knowledge to other who are much professional than him. No lie can last forever, at last he had suffer for his behavior.