The following one  that i think  have excelled in her  lives though  may have not come into LIMELIGHT: 
1 Amelia Earhart- she was the first women to fly solo across the atlantic in 1932 and she became the first women pilot in 1935 after flying solo from Hawaii to California. she embarked upon her lifelong dream of flying across the world in 1937,however,her flight went missing on that trip and she was never seen again....

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I think the following is one who excelled in life but did not come in limelight.
Sujata Birla : she is a hyderabad resident. a tragic accident happened with her in 2009 when she was on a pilgrimage to shirdi in maharashtra. she met with a serious accident which took away her ability to walk. her friends and well wishers abandoned her. she was totally broke as her father died in 2004. but soon, she gained confidence and began taking things in her stride. she became a keen learner of stock market and grasped all the tips and tricks of it. she can easily earn 2 - 2.5 lakhs per month. she even earned nearly 6 lakhs in a month. she is going great guns and is a live example of strength and determination.
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