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Its true that womens are the best leaders of this century. A women is god so we should worship them .a Women can become a disaster if she gets angry.A women has the ability to conquer any strong leader in the world. A women can become a great person like Einstein . So I salute the women leader who work hard for the development of a country. If one boy studies in a family then a single family studies. If a girl studies then two families studies
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women are the best leaders of the 21st century as they are the backbone of development. women are the best suited leaders to the 21st century as they
are more transformational than men they posses a high leadership quality as they care about their followers and listen to what they say.they are the most inspirational sections of the society as they are ethical and has contributed a lot to the development of the society by engaging themselves in various fields.women are the best leaders of the 21st century as they are co operative and collaborative. they have the excellent ability to think out of the box for a best outcome.they take considerable risk and act wisely for better returns
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