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Its true that womens are the best leaders of these century. Because women is a God so we should respect them and give equal rights to them. Women has the ability to conquer any strong leader in the world. Women can become a fire and has the ability to destroy every thing in the world. If Einstein is a great scientist because of her mother he is standing first in the place. Women is a god whome we should respect them.A women can become a disaster if she gets in the world many womens so I salute them .
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Sorry frnd the last line means I salute the women who work for the country
women are the best leaders of the 21st century as they are the back bone of development. women are best suited to this century as they are more transformational than men.they posses a high leadership quality as they care for their followers and listen to what they say. they act as the most inspired sections of the society as they are ethical and has contributed a lot to the development of the society by engaging themselves in various fields.women are the best leaders of this society as they are co operative and collaborative. they think out of the box for best outcomes. they have the courage to take considerable risks and they act wisely for better returns
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