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U can do on science topics u can make models easily on science topics like Indias sattelites,u can aso do on different movements like satyagraha movement etc,on leaders like gandhiji about their hard work for our nation about abolition of child marraiges and systems like sati etc.

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May be this may help u
1 mom(mars orbital machine) model
2 curiosity,which have sent to marsĀ 
3 satellite like Aryabhatta, chandrayan, working model of satelliteand so onĀ 
if these doesnot helps u
send me a message i will think of some thing else but these are best.
well thank you for helping ...but the topic is not just on the sattelites and space but also wars,development and even natural disasters
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oh then shall i correct it once more
oh dats alright thank you