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Domestic animals are: cats, dogs, goats, buffallos, cows, rats, rabbits, lizards etc.

Cat -  45 kmph
                 Dogs - 50 kmph 
Rabbit - 50 kmph
                Rats -  24 kmph
Lizards - 0.3 kmph
Cows - 12 kmph
          Buffallos - 12 kmph
Goats - 25 kmph

These are approximate estimates.

Wild animals 

Cheetah - can run 100 kmph or more
Lion - 50 kmph to 60kmph - a lion cannot run at high speed for a long time
Tiget 60 kmph
Horses in races - can run upto 80 to 90 kmph
Elephants can run to 30 kmph

Bodies moving in uniform speed

1. Earth moves in an elliptical orbit non-uniform speed - its speed changes depending on its distance from the Sun
2. moon moves around the Earth with almost uniform speed
3.  weather satellites move with a uniform and high speed in space
4. trains and planes move with uniform speed in between halts.
5. the water from tank that comes in our taps flows at uniform speed.  speed depends on the level of water in the tank.
6. in an industry usually there are moving parts inside machines - they generally move with uniform speeds: 

7. hard disk inside the computer.  it rotates at uniform speed.
8. the motor to pump water from sump to the tank.  the rotor in that moves at uniform speed.
9. light moves at uniform speed of c.
10. lift used to go up or down in a building - it moves at non-uniform speed - accelerates and decelerates also.
11. an object thrown in to air, like stone,  moves at non-uniform speed.
12.  a fan (ceiling) rotates at a uniform speed, same with the blade in a kitchen - mixie or mixer.

13. blood inside our body moves (circulates) at uniform speed

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