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Personification is when a non living thing is described as a living thing

simile is the comparison of one thing to another using ''
eg. as fast as a cheetah'

metaphor is the comparison of one thing to another using 'like'

alliteration is when there are two or more words in a sentence(adjacent to each other) which begin with the same letter or the same sound
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can u give example for alliteration
You're not entirely right - whether simile is in fact a comparison, metaphor is quite far from it. Metaphor shows one thing (emotion, person, event, etc.) by something different with similar connotations. For example, growing tree may be a metaphor of maturing man (it gets stronger over time) or a flower may be seen as a beautiful women.

As for the alliteration - "A big bully beats a baby boy." <-- apart from what Hardyk said, it also creates an illusion of rythm ;)