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Modern gadgets have influenced a lot on human relations. before the invention of any modern gadgets, life was a lot simple and calm. people used to talk with each other, used to pay visits to their friends, neighbors and relatives. they used to spend quality time with their family and friends. they maintained good relationships. but now in the modern world, it has become a disaster when it comes to human relations. people have stopped talking to each other. people are so busy in their lives that they give no time for friends, families and relatives. people like to chat on facebook but not verbally with their friends. they ignore them in real life but chat a lot on virtual and social networking websites. even small kids and teenagers are not spared from the evils of modern technology. kids stick to TVs and PSPs and teenagers stick to their mobiles and social networking sites. but a day will surely come when the affects of this will be over and all humans will be together again. 
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