Sale price Rs.250
cost price = Rs.175
profit = Rs.250-175 = 75
Total percentage of profit = profit/cost price X 100
= 75/175 X 100  He gets 42.85% profit if he sell the shirt for Rs.250/-
But he is offering discount and and making only 28% profit on the cost
For Rs.100/- - profit % is 28
for Rs.175 - ?  
= Rs.49

So the selling price is Rs.175+49 = Rs.224/-

Actual selling price is 250  
after discount it is 224

balance amount is Rs.250-224 =26

for Rs.250 discount is Rs.26
for Rs.100 how much

100X26/250 = 10.4%

he gave discount of 10.4% on 250/- and sold it for Rs.224/- and earned a profit of 28% on cost price.
the answer is not a copy. he did it in a different way.
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Cp for the retailer=175
he earns a profit. of 28%
so sp=1.28*175=224
he gives a discount of =26

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