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Take a real street. Go and visit residential areas. Take small streets. Find places where people men and women gather. You will find interesting tales and situations.

  Actually in a street and at nukkad people share their problems, lighten their hearts and try to find some solutions to their worries.   Take a street with a few houses nearby.
Perhaps a house and surroundings of a main family with parents, sons, daughters and children – can be focussed on.

   Show a nearby junction with a pan shop, cycle repair shop, ironing shop, a tailor, autowallah, a security person or gorkha, a small tea shop and tiffin centre.  You could add also a temple nearby as it is a centre of visits by people.

   People who come often to visit these shops and the shop owners as well as workers in them form the main characters. There could be one or two work maids who will be able to analyze wisely the situations and give an advice.  

    There could be some problems faced by the people in the house (mentioned above) and some good or happy situations enjoyed by them.  People can cry some times and happy a tea party in the happy times.
  People discuss the good and bad that happen to each other and some in the street.  Some times they discuss the political happenings and their impact on their lives.   They discuss price rises and facilities being given by the government.

   Include humor also in between, now and then using some jokes or proverbs spoken by a fast guy among them.

   The summary is that they try to solve problems, they to uphold good morals, they denounce bad things, they encourage young and so on.  

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