If  a preson is not taking fibrous food for a long he may become an obese person.There is possibilities for breast cancer,acidity,colon etc.

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We have to eat a balanced diet for keeping ourselves healthy and to live a long life. We need to choose a diet filled with fibre. The fibre could include whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. The fibre can be soluble in water or insoluble in water.

Fibrous foods help in digestion process. Fibrous food consists of non-starch poly-saccharides. Soluble fibres produce healthy 
compounds during their fermentation in intestines.  Insoluble fibres increase the bulk (size) and soften the stool and ease the passage of stool in the intestinal tract. Along with high quantities of fibrous food, one needs to take sufficient quantities of water.

People get constipation if fibrous food is not eaten. Due to constipation of remaining of stool in intestines for a long time, more diseases can be contracted. Infection is one of them.

People could become obese, dull, and suffer from indigestion and gastric problems.

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