Chewing, zeera(fenugreek), sounf(fennel seeds), potato and apple First close your nose with your fingers. Pop in some zeera in your mouth and chew it for some time. After that, chew some sounf. Could you recognize the taste? How long has it taken to know the taste? After some time wash your mouth and repeat the activity by chewing a piece of an apple followed by a potato(remember to close your nose). 
To conclude, if you want to taste the food material, the food should dissolve in saliva.  On the other hand, we can taste the food that is in the form of liquid only.  We know that different types of taste buds are present on the tongue.  You have also learnt about different types of papillae (taste buds) on the tongue for different tastes in ninth class.  Let us recall them.  Only after the dissolved food enters into the cup like taste buds, the sense of taste is carried to the brain for analysis.  Then only we will know the taste of the food material.