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True in many plants.

I give a detailed explanation.

Soil supports the plants to stand upright. Not only that, soil supplies water to plants. It also supplies nutrients: compounds of K, N2, P, Mg and other elements. 

Some plants (Lithophytic: plants growing on rocks,  and epiphytic: plants growing on other plants-fern, orchids) take nutrients from air as well as from any waste or debris.

Many plants take oxygen from the atmosphere as well as from the soil through roots – for respiration.  The oxygen is combined with glucose (made from starch) to give energy to plants.

Underwater plants use the dissolved oxygen. Some vascular plants (mangroves) grow also with their roots in soil or water without oxygen supply.

Vascular plants have vascular vessels to transport food and water to all parts of the plant including stem, roots, and leaves. These are called conducting tissues to carry water and nutrients.

Some plants (carnivorous) also eat insects in addition to the other nutrients they get. 

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yes because the plant roots absorb the oxygen from the soil and the leaf absorb it frm the atmosphere