Me :      have u switch off the light before leaving  your room ??
sister :   no not yet
me :      but we must have to switch off the electrical appliances when they are not in use
sister :   but why 
me :      there are many reasons for this like due to this we are spending our   money on this and another one is that we must have to take some steps toward conservation of electricity 
sister :   can you tell me why we need  in  conservation of electricity 
me :       ok if we dont conserve it then in future our  children will have to spend                days without electricity
sis :       but how this is possible
me:        because still most of the electricity is produced by coal and fossil fuels              which are non renewable so we should have to minimize the use of  electricity 
sis :       ok from now i will switch off the electrical appliances if we are not using it 
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have you switchED off.