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There are many uses for the phone that is phone makes us to communicate with others in another state or country. We can get information on any subject by internet in mobile phone. If we are lost in an unknowing place we can use google maps to get direction for a particular place.instead of going to shop and buying things to home we can use online shopping in phone.. But there are few peoples who uses the phone in a wrong manner that is people used to watch unwanted pictures in mobile and there are lots of things where a particular person uses the phone in an wrong manner.
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The cell phone is a very useful electronic gadget that has been invented in the last decade.  It enables one person to be on the move and still be in contact with his/her near and dear.

The cell phone has changed the way people do business, meetings and the way people keep up their relations.  It has given more security to the children as they could venture into the world, and always keep in touch with their parents.

The cell phone has also become a music player, radio, calculator, calendar, games machine etc. Almost every person has a mobile phone even in poor countries. It has a torch light and it is useful to many in darkness. It is true especially in India where power cuts happen abruptly.

Mobile phone is able to help journalists, photographers, and sports enthusiasts. People use them with the internet to do anything at any time of the day.

Cell phones are used in emergencies to seek help too.

But there are people who always misuse the facilities available. Children tend to spend most of the time on the games, talking to friends unnecessarily and often hidden from their parents. Children may get addicted to the use of cell phones. It is  expensive to maintain for some parents. This results in conflicts between parents and children in many families.

Crimes have become more easily organized due to cell phones. As criminals can get news and can plan and organize crimes more effectively.  Terrorists could use cell phones to trigger bombs also.

Cell phones emit radiation which is not very good for health, especially the brain. It is said that kids and pregnant women need to be careful with cell phones. 

Many people put their phones in silent mode or switch them off at times they do not want to be disturbed. As cell phones are taking a long duration of our day.

A lot of illegal smuggling business goes on by imports and exports of cell phones. Some people use cell phone cameras to share obscene pictures and some have used them as hidden cameras.  This practice is bad.

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