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Communist ideas are useful in a country where people are very poor,  where there is a strong possibility of some rich exploiting a lot of poor people and where people do not have sufficient work and not very well educated.  It has done good in China.

Benefits of Communism:

Russia, Korea, Cuba, China have implemented that philosophy.  All people are equal in the eyes of government.  Everyone has a right to job. Government provides stable governance. There is no instability. People have to work to earn. The laws are intended to building a stronger economy and harmonious sharing of national resources.
  Communism expects that the people do not become corrupt.   There is no competitive market. Benefits go to the government and redistributed among people.  For good utilization of natural resources communism is a better way.

The state looks after the medical needs, recreational facilities and education for all.  Communism promises equality for women in law and gives them special status.  

   There is a restriction of ownership of properties by individuals.  Production is controlled by the state. People often do not have many choices to pursue anything they want.  The same old principles of communism may not work in these modern days.  Communism is at a disadvantage in today’s world due to the domination of the world by democratic or socialist republics.
    Disadvantage is that rumours are there that communist countries are bad, punish people and want to destroy the world. There are very few supporters for this philosophy.
Some people want to grow beyond the borders of a country, face some restrictions.  There are restrictions for people to interact with other nations due to a long standing enmity between USA and USSR.