"The climate change & its impacts in India "we all well know that climate change & global warming is the hot topic in every aspect of news. But its very sad to know that the survey studys shows that only 40+% of population in India accept that humans are responsible for global warming. The rest of them not even know or care for global warming. But we human inevitably using fossil fuels( Cole,nature gas) where we never consider carbon emissions and its effect on nature. But now thing are changing steadily. If we take a look at the affects or impacts of climate change in India .1.) The major aspects is health conditions. In India one in four has respiratory disorders like asthma &allergic disorder. 2.)In India most agriculture farming is depends on monsoon rains, now we already experiencing weather patterns changes So ,reduce in rainfall will leads to food shortage but also reduce in crop yields and increase in plant diseases.3.) In India we have only quite hand full of pernial rivers and one glacier river . because of climate change and temperature raise we end up in dry river, heavy drought and ground water will reduce .if the ground water reduce near the shore line sea water will guess in and mix with fresh water.
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