History is the story about our past. What we were and what we are now. It tells us how the world was before we were born. It tells us the good things of the past and warns us against doing the wrong things that were done.It helps us to make this world a better place. It's totally based upon facts and not a hypothesis, like in geography. 
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        ⇒     the  study  of  past  is  called  history   especially  involving  human    past.
history   is  an  umbrella  term  and  the  scholars  who  study  about  history   are  called  historians
⇒  the  word   history   originated   from   a   greek   word  meaning  "inquiry, knowledge   about   inquiry,  or  judge.
⇒ the  study  of  writing  of  histories  or  written  histories  is   called  historiography
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