India is called the country of festivals. There are many festivals in india that peoples enjoy and celebrates such as holi, diwali , 15 august(independence day), etc. but i the favourite festival of mine is diwali. Diwali is my favourite festivals . On this occasion peoples celebrates by lighting their houses, and distributes many sweet among them. I like to eat those sweet. But my favourite is milkcake. it is made of milk and very tasty. But the most thing that i like in diwali is giving old clothes to the needone peoples and get very happy in distributing those clothes and sometimes food. You really get shocked you hear that i dont like to fire firecrackers. Here is a reason for that. the reason is the pollution . nowadays there is a excess of pollution in our country and on the occasion of diwali peoples burn firecrackers which produce pollution in the environment and i like only a pollution free country where there is no pollution and trees are all over. I am ecofriendly. 
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MY                                      FAVROITE                                                            FESTIVAL                                                     
There are many festivals in india which we celebrate joyfully .from them my favrouite festival is 
Onam .IT  is a festival peculiar to Kerala, celebrated by people of all religion and caste. There are many beautiful stories about this festival. The most commonly believed among the Onam related legends is that of King Mahabali. According to legend, the state’s most colorful festival, Onam celebrates the golden age of King Mahabali, the mythical ruler of Kerala. The festival is to welcome the spirit of King Mahabali, and to assure that his people are happy and wish him well.

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