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For many persons when their life is progressing without failures, they feel comfortable and happy. They continue to work in the same way and try to achieve success.  For those who fail at some task, if they feel disappointed and lose interest in the task, then that is the end of the story.  
     However, for some determined persons with grit and wit, it becomes a challenge. They decide to achieve the task with persistent effort and dedication. They determine that they have to achieve that task, name, and success.  They analyse what made them fail.  They take more care not to repeat the same mistakes.   They realize the gap between what they have and what is actually needed.  They put all their energy and focus in that direction.  In such a condition they achieve what they could not achieve before.

     Most of the scientists in India or abroad during the last many centuries have time and again proved this idiom.  The inventor of electricity and electric bulb is one famous example.  Many famous politicians too have failed at one election and did hard work back to the ruling of the state or the country.
    Many people, who fail at some attempts and learn from their own mistakes to advance forward, will learn much more from life, theory and practical world, than those who succeed in the first attempt.

    Each aspect of a failure or each failure is overcome by a person, he/she climbs a step to a higher position.  Thus a failure should be viewed as a stepping stone to climb higher, rather than as a fault which cannot be corrected at all or as disqualification for future attempts.

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