1. give thanks. give life.
2. do not take your organs to heaven, heaven knows you need them here.
3.let someone see what you have seen.
4.god has given you the happiness of organs, share the happiness.
5.share organs, share happiness. your life then gift your life to others.
7.want to go to heaven ? donate your organs then.
8.donate your organs and save many lives.
9. twinkle twinkle little star, many wonder how they are......donate your eyes.
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@blasterbros.....itz ur answer..ur wish...if u dont wanna choose...dont choose
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Slogans on organ donation:
=>be an organ donator all it costs a little love.
=>help a generation by donating a organ.
=>let someone see through your eyes what you have seen.
=>no need to be a doctor to save a life be a organ donator.
=>save a heart,save a life.
=>live life and pass it on.
=>donot take your organs to heaven.heaven knows we need them here.
=>death is just begining of anothers life.
=>live well laugh often love much and donate organ 
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it did not change..but why?
which point
slongs to slogans
what do you mean
the word slongs is incorrect itz slogans...the first word