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Son: I want to talk to u something
Father: Yes, say my son
Son: My dream is become a footballer not an engineer
Father:How many times i would say there is nothing in it.Leave this dream.
Son:I can't be a good engineer
Father: You just have to work hard.
Son:I can't why you don't let me choose my life.
Father: See my son when i was a child i want to become a singer.But i couldn't achieve that.
Son:But father may be because of  some of the reason you want be able to work hard for it.I will work hard for it.
Father: Ok
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Father=My son , I am very impressed with your performance and very happy with your result
Son=Thank you father. I am also very happy because of your's happiness.
Father=I just want to ask your opinion that what do you want to become.
Son=As you like my dear father.
Father=no it is your career and you should select what you want to become.
Son=in my opinion I want to become a Doctor.
Father=your choice is best but why you want to become a doctor.
Son=my only reason to become doctor is to serve my serve my country's peoples.
Father=Ok you can become a future doctor and serve our country and country's people.I am very proud of my son.
Son=thank you father