I really liked the initiative taken by Amir Khan. Creating awareness across India. Hope this will open the minds of many & help people. Very good use of television. I sensible program which should be watched by every Indian. I was shocked after watching the stats of wrong practices happening in India. Felt really bad what people have been through. This program will also help our new generation. Really looking forward to this program. Thank You Amir Khan. Admire your Hard Work taken for this mission. This program is not like other programs, it really has a purpose. There is a meaning to it & if followed India will be an even better place. I really wish this show continues & also solve the problems faces in society. Jai Hind !!
Satyamev Jayete.....A very nice show indeed it's really fun to watch the show and finally it is coming again at star plus. I hope it goes well...Infact it's really educational it's all about our we people are wasting water, is making us Indians realize that all the things we are nowadays doing are wrong....It has inspired hundreds of woman about how girls are not less...I really like it because it has all sorts of things...It's coming back on Sunday 11 am! the thoughts of this show are really impressive. The host, Aamir Khan who is an bollywood actor holds it very well he knows each and everything very smart, indeed! 

Kind regards
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