A rectangular wooden block open from one side is lying on a hoprizontal table. different weights are kept in the box one by one. to establish relationship between weight of a block and the minimum force required to just move it using a sppring balance, it is observed that the force required to just move the rectangular block is maximum when we put in a weight of :

can you complete the question please? what is missing ?


When we put more weight, the force required to move the box would be maximum.
Since in you question, no measurements are given, so we cannot tell exactly which weight would be put but it will be the heaviest weight among the weights you put.
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The question is not complete. To the extent I understand, I answer it.

Let the weight of the rectangular wooden block be W.
Let us denote the weight of the additional weight added to the wooden block be m. The value of m is increased successively.

Force required to move the wooden block =
          = force of friction between wooden box and the surface of the table. 
         = μ * Normal reaction of the table on the wooden box
         = μ * total weight of the wooden box
   F   = μ * (W + m)

μ = coefficient of static friction between surface of table and the wooden box.