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"LIGHT WITH NO ENLIGHT " Most of our parents knows the value of education they will say; the education makes the man to gentle'man & a child without education is like; the bird without wings to fly. So every one them sending their children to school for enlightenment. But there is glitch that so called education system or the pattern which say what to learn and how to teach, in this very basic; failing to give the true meaning of education. Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education but our current education systems striving a closed loop where students never get liberty to think what they wan to be and how they want to be in society they always memories the subject without understanding and there true aim is after their marks/ranks. By this educational system outputs is nothing but robots who doesn't have AI( artificial intelligence) to thing for others they will thing onely “me, mine and myself” so this type of education never gives enlightenment .
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