The volume of water,how much comes out(V) = vol. of ball 
                                                                     V = 4/3 πr³
                      V = 4/3 ×3.142 ×(2)³
or,                 V    = 32/3×3.142
or,                  V  =  10.66×3.142 = 33.49 cm³
therefore approx 33.50 cm³ water will come out.

I couldn't get you ?please add another answer.

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Option b.

The given data is wrong. For the options given, it is correct if the diameter is 4 cm instead of 2 cm.

Then radius = diameter /2 = 4 cm/2 = 2 cm

Assume that the ball is put into a cup full of water, So the volume of water that flows out is equal to the volume of the ball.

volume = 4/3  π r³ = 4/3 π 2³ = 33.523 cm³     this is option b.