Yes,we have confusion about it.the court lawers or the other government employes like police etc., are forgetting their laws and giving wrong decisions or for exampe :police have to punish the people who does commit a mistake.but instead they only commit mistake by doing to say a fact that's why india ranks first in corruption list coz people are doing hence i conclude that"there is a confusion over our laws today"

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Yes,there is confusion over our laws today people donot have awarness about these laws.for example: police are not following the rules and are not strict enough to stop corruption robbery cases and even on roads.come to scert board pf ap, they are not able to conform question paper patternĀ for 10th class board exam.the lawyers are forgotten there laws and giving wrong decisions.scams and corruptions in india are going on lack on implementing the laws all there are because of confusion over our laws.