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Good morning to one and all present here .....respected principle worthy teachers and all my dear friends today i (-------ur name-------) am here to share my views on the topic "SCIENCE AND THE FUTURE"i hope u will be satisfied by me after listening me so here i go....

Mobile phones,television,ac,refrigerator etc......are all the magic of a branch which deals experiments,new discoveries,inventions our life we can say that science is a boon as well as a bane.
its a boon because it help us in our daily life's activities.for entertainment which switch on the t.v for drinking cold water we use refrigerator ...are these all not wonders of science ......???yes of course they are....
but we can say its even a bane as it make people lazy and dependent on welll as the discoveries of nuclear bombs and different chemicals are making our life disastrous!!!!but it depends on one's mentality how he/she uses it...if used properly it will be always useful if not then always disastrous so we can say that science plays a prominent role in our life .
thank you and have a nice day!
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Science is our most exciting Future...

The most Intelligent species "Human Beings'' depend on science. They are inventing things that our comfortable for them in future.. Everyday there is a science disaster. The days are coming in which Humans will fully depend on science. To make their future comfortable they are destroying it. OnceĀ 
all is ruined they will have pity on themselves..but those days are too far to come. Now science is the most useful and succeeding thing in the whole universe..Science=Our FUTURE
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