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Plants require nutrients for growth.Plants get nutrients from soil,water and air.There are 16 nutrients that is essential for plants.Out of these 16 nutrients oxygen and carbon are obtained from air and hydrogen is obtained from water.Soil supplies  the other 13 nutrients.The nutrients the nutrients that are required in large amount is called macro nutrients and nutrients required in small amount is called micro nutrients.6 nutrients are macro and 7 are micro.
Macro nutrients: nitrogen,calcium,sulphur,potassium,phosphorous,magnesium.
Micro nutrients:iron,manganese,zinc,molybdenum,copper,chlorine,boron.

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out of 16 nutreints needed... hydrogen and oxygen r provided by water , nitrogen and carbon is provided by air and other are provided by soil...
Plants get Nutrients from soil in where these nutrients are dissolve in roots of the plant.Carbon and oxygen are absorbed from the air.
And other Minerals they get from Soil.According to Scientist Plants take nearly about 13 minerals from Soil and the rest from Air...