I need very unique and different ideas for my library project where we should make a magazine. I've included health tips, jokes, celebrity biography, fun facts, and craft ideas. Please help me and give me unique ideas. I don't need riddles and things like that as they're common.



For the cover : You can make a nice painting or a nice picture from the internet. Or a unique idea is that you can take a newspaper background and paste pictures of celebrities, healthy food and crafts.
For the name : If you are searching for a nice name for your magazine it might be The Fun Fest or anything you want. But you might want to make the name starting with 'The' and then  the rest of name should begin with the same letter.
For the pages : You can background the pages with the attached file.
For the inner paragraphs : Write in a decorative font.
U can add some brainteasers....... or some question answer exercise  which can determine the facts about human nature n behavior.........
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