Guys please answer the following in one word or just small.

1 can you think of some raw materials needed for photosynthesis ?
2 what could be the end products of the process of photosynthesis?
3 where are chlorophyll and other pigments present in the plants?
4 do you think the new reddish leaves of a plant also carry out photosynthesis? what could be the role of their colour?
5 what happens to the food once it enters our body?
6 what do you think is the process of digestion?
7 what are its major steps?



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1.,sunlight carbondioxide in presence ofchlorophyll are the raw materialswhich are needed for the process of phtosynthesis 2.starch or sugar chloroplast 4.yes. for attractiveness. get digested.6.digestion starts from the mouth and ends inlarge intestine 7.fud get mixed with saliva and broken down into smallpiece.pass through alimantary canal,then tostomach.their it get mixed with digestive juices,then it passedthrough small intestne,their absorption take place.then to large intestinewhere water get absorbed and waste are excreted.during the process of absorption things needed forour bodymixed with blood and reaches to every part of our body
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