Your younger sister has a habit of not switching off the lights and fans
when she leaves a room. You are very concerned about the environment and want
to convince her to change her habit. Write a dialogue where you share your
views on conserving electricity. Give
her some information about how much her effort would help. Take about ten



Me : Sister, why do you not turn off the lights and fans when you come out from a room? It's a very bad habit.
Sister : How does it matter to us? We are using electricity and papa is paying for it. What's the harm in that?
Me : No sister, you might be thinking that this is all to electricity. But no, this is not true.
Sister : Please elaborate...
Me : Electricity comes from water. You must have learnt about it in school. And the water we drink comes from that very water. So just think, if you're wasting electricity, you're wasting the water that it comes from and if you're wasting the water from which electricity comes, you're wasting the water you drink. And it might be such that one day, you won't have water to drink as the electricity you've been wasting has wasted the water you drink. Did you understand?
Sister : Yes and I will never ever waste electricity. Never.
 Me : That's like a good girl. So now have you understood the importance of conserving electricity?
 Sister : I will never leave the room without checking if I've switched off the lights and fans. But how do the electricity makers make electricity from water?
Me : ( Laughing ) That's another huge story. I'll tell you about it later. But will you make a promise of keeping your word?
Sister : Promise!
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Your sister Zara is studying you come and then.............
you- hello Zara you finished your studies
Zara- yes Priya Di i have now we should go and sleep.
Then your sister walks away without switching off the lights and fans.
You call her- Zara come here
Zara-What happened Di?
you- i always notice you never switch off lights or fans . You are becoming very careless! How many times i have told you that never waste electricity as it is very important
Zara- Leave it Di Lets go and sleep
you- No Zara you should not leave this Electricity is very important for us
Imagine your life without electricity 
Zara- Yes i know Di
you- So you promise me you will never do that again.
Zara - Yes Di i promise i have now understood the importance of electricity so i will never waste it again.