1. Noise pollution is caused by humans.
2.for examples playing music at night in high volumes.
3.people have to suffer with it and cannot sleep all the night.
4.Other examples of noise pollution is barking of dogs, machines, horn of vehicles,aeroplanes flying over etc.
5.noise pollution causes several problems for living beings,
6.people got heart attack , breaking of ear drum etc.
7.Noise pollution can be prevented by growing more trees.
8.Trees absorb the noise that goes through them.
9.Another method is applying curtains.
10.Government should give punishment to those who cut trees for their profit.
Noise pollution is irrritating levels of noise. It is harmful. Cities r bieng corrupted by noise pollution. It cause s anoyance, stress, sometimes ear or brain damage also.  Sources are ; loudly played music, horns of vehicles, heavy machinery, etc. Some ways to prevent it; fitting vehicles with silencers, insulating noisy rooms, using sound insulating matierials like carpets curtains in home. It can result in lack of concentration too. In some places it is banned to play music after 10pm. We should ourselves understand to not make noise in silent zones, such as hospitals.